Town & Country - Choice Kitchen

Meet the twins

They have a lot in common and share everything, especially their opinions on the latest looks, styles and trends.

When it comes to choosing a kitchen, both share a love for the good things in life and seek our exceptional British quality, detail and craftsmanship.

Neither of them will accept anything less than the very latest designs, tailored to their particular tastes.

There’s no way these two will buy an off the shelf, run of the mill kitchen.

There is one big difference between the two though…

One lives in the town and loves everything chic, modern and contemporary.
The other lives in the country and has more traditional tastes.

Both will find all the styling options they are looking for, to create their perfect kitchen at Mereway.

You too will find yours. A unique British crafted kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come, no matter where you live or whatever your tastes.

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