How to use colour in the kitchen

White or Ivory kitchens used to be the most popular colours for kitchen but with a host of wonderful colour palettes now available, it is easy to bring colour into the kitchen.

Colour can be used to give your kitchen its own distinct style, it can make a small room look larger, or a dark room lighter and can add interest, drawing attention to feature walls or pieces of furniture.

If you would like to be more adventurous with colour in your kitchen but don’t know where to start, take a look at our advice below.

Think about the mood and the look you want to create in your kitchen when considering your colour scheme.  Do you want it to be restful and calming, bright and cheerful or bold and dramatic?

If you want to mix and match but are not sure which colours go together then take a look at the colour palettes already put together by the manufacturer.  Look for coordinating frame and door colours.  Mereway offer 28 coordinating colours, more than any other manufacturer.  This allows you to have a matching internal colour, a feature that is not always available even on some expensive kitchens.

Most colour palettes will include both complementary and contrasting colours, this provides opportunities to create an individual look for features such as open displays and shelving units.  Try a bold frame colour with a neutral cabinet colour, Aubergine and Cashmere, for example. If your taste is for something more subtle how about Cashmere and Taupe Grey or Pebble and Ivory?

Mereway’s match- maker colour palette for the Signature collection takes inspiration from classic period colours that blend together well and offer numerous possibilities to contrast or harmonise the colour scheme.

Make a feature with an island in a different colour, a Tyrolean Blue island makes a strong focal point in a Light Grey kitchen.

Mereway’s Town & Country collection offers an even more extensive selection, 25 Colour-Tie combinations in four carefully chosen palettes, Blue, Green, Earth and Grey.  These colour combinations will work in both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs and also for those that want an eclectic, individual look that combine both.

Take a look at our picture gallery for some colour inspiration or why not visit one of our experienced retailers.  All of our retailers are trained and can offer guidance on how best to use colour in the kitchen, find your nearest specialist here.

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