How to choose your bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture has come a long way since it was first introduced as a way of hiding away pipework and essential items. Now an integral part of any bathroom design, furniture can be fun and funky, classic and traditional or modern and minimalist, depending on your own personal style.

With so many products it can be difficult to know where to start so take a look at our review of how to choose your bathroom furniture.

There are two types to consider, fitted and modular. Fitted furniture used to be considered the most appropriate for traditional bathrooms but this is no longer the case. With finishes that include warm woodgrains, gloss slabs, matt colours and even concrete, you can create any style of bathroom from fitted furniture. It has the benefit that it can hide lots of messy pipes and plumbing and makes the most of any available space. If you select from a manufacturer that offers a wide range of sizes, like Mereway Bathrooms, then it can almost become a bespoke solution, enabling you to choose sizes and combinations of units that are perfect for your bathroom. Fitted furniture is ideal if you have limited space or are looking to make the most of the confines of a cloakroom.
Matt finish doors are currently the most popular, especially in earth colours such as cashmere, pumice and pebble, with grey being the colour of the moment. Choose a handleless door such as the new Tirare collection for a crisp contemporary look. Or how about a bold concrete finish, available in the Vogue collection for a striking modern feel.

Modular furniture used to be considered a European look but is now firmly established in the home market. Modular furniture is wall fitted and suspended above the floor, which can make a room appear larger.

Modular furniture provides a flexible solution for your bathroom design, enabling you to mix and match different pieces to suit your individual requirements. A large vanity unit that appears to float off the floor can make a dramatic centrepiece of a bathroom design.

There is also an extensive choice of colours and finishes for modular furniture including matt and gloss finishes as well as woodgrains, coloured woodgrains and even textured options such as concrete oak.

Why not consider mixing both fitted and modular to make best use of the advantages of each? It’s a great way to get a unique look for your new bathroom.

Browse our bathroom picture gallery for some inspiration and start planning your dream bathroom today.

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