Beauty of In-Frame Kitchens

Exploring The Beauty of In-Frame Kitchens

April 2022

What Is An In-Frame Kitchen?

In-Frame Kitchens are arguably the most desired and favoured style of kitchen, but what does in-frame actually mean? Beyond the admiration for the beauty of in0frame kitchens, it runs deeper and more detailed than just looks, this style of kitchen is actually one of the most durable and robust. In its simplest of terms, an in-frame kitchen is where the door is inset within a frame that is fitted to the front of a kitchen cabinet. As opposed to most kitchens where the door covers the whole front of the cabinet, the frame covers the cabinet and then the door is attached to this, instead of the cabinet. By fitting the door in this method, the door is slightly smaller than a standard door and opens within the wooden frame it sits. As beautiful and stylish as this design looks, the increased durability and longevity seen in these higher quality kitchens is what makes them stand the test of time, with a longstanding reputation for the fine craftsmanship involved;


Why Choose an In-Frame Kitchen?

Now we understand the principles of an in-frame kitchen, why would you choose this style over a normal shaker kitchen. Firstly, the timeless design of these beautiful kitchens. In-Frame kitchens are one of the earliest kitchens to have been made and this has a lot to be said for. They are just as aesthetic and have the heritage pull now as they always have, still being one of the most desired kitchen styles in the market. With more options available whether it be a touch to traditional design in a woodgrain finish, or a more contemporary style with a smooth painted finish, it’s still deemed ‘the’ shaker kitchen.

Furthermore, the simple, elegant styling of an in-frame kitchen suits any space no matter the design. Whether it’s a stylish city apartment, or traditional barn conversion, this style of kitchen would look at home and not out of place. The attention to detail is admirable, the perfectly fitting door within their frame creates the focal point and unique nature from an in-frame style, supporting the luxury and bespoke design. Drawing back to the door positioning, as this sits within the frame the door has nowhere to move meaning it’s never going to drop or move out of position. Durability & Quality craftsmanship are characteristics commonly associated with this style of kitchen, as it is hand-built at almost every stage, the potential for error is minimal to none and the highest quality is ensured and checked.

With all this added luxury design and bespoke manufacturing, it is inevitable this will include a premium price tag. Not to be put off, the price of an in-frame kitchen is justified and embodies the ethos of getting what you pay for. As highlighted, an inf-frame kitchen is primed for a premium offering. The robust, specialist manufacturing involved to perfect the cabinet, frame and door all work harmoniously to create this durable yet stylish finish. Our in-frame kitchens use traditional French Mitre Joints to strengthen the timber frames. Butterfly Joints are used to connect door frames together with a water-based glue to ensure ultimate strength. Every door is handmade and sanded numerous times to within a 500-micron tolerance to ensure the perfect finish, ready for the first hand-painted application. It is then left for several days to cure, sanded again and then another coat is applied. This process is repeated on numerous occasions to ensure the highest standard finish.

Due to the frames and doors being built for the cabinet, the bespoke nature of an in-frame kitchen means you can increase the special offering available within your design. If you have tricky areas to want to make the most of or storage options such as pantries you have always dreamed of, this becomes a delight to design and include within your project. With an in-frame kitchen already being bespoke manufactured and each door size specific to your design, it opens the gate for more special bespoke items to be added, which is why you see so many exciting, personal and characterful in-frame kitchen projects.


How to Beautifully Style an In-Frame kitchen

You’ve decided that in-frame is the kitchen for you, so how do you go the extra mile and truly explore the beauty in this style of kitchen. At this stage, it’s more than likely you have decided on the colour palette and paint finish for your kitchen, which leaves the finer details to cover. We’ll start by saying don’t overlook handle choice. It’s easy to go with what’s offered generically but considering this is the part of your kitchen you will interact with most and can elevate your in-frame design consider this decision as important as door colour. With so many exciting designs, colours and finishes available to choose from, this can be an exciting chance to mix and match the perfect combination to pay specific attention to every visual point.

If you want to truly capture the beauty of an in-frame kitchen and its relation to traditional design, consider adding dresser units. Adding a feature dresser ties in the iconic design to your interior is best used for showing your showcase crockery or glassware. As well as making a statement and standing out from your other cabinets it truly enhances the design, whilst maximising creative storage. Adding interior lighting can help to highlight the internals and bring a feature point to your kitchen, which is known to be a key design element for luxury homes.

Last but not least, if you haven’t already locked in on granite or marble worktops, you will want to with this design. The high-end beauty of an in-frame kitchen deserves a worktop to match, a truly beautiful and iconic way of adding what everyone perceives as a sign of luxury is selecting worktops made of marble or granite. The use of stone in your kitchen is a further sign of strength and attention to detail.  The powerful, detailed veins that can naturally occur in marble and granite worktops display a wonderful statement feature within your kitchen, alternatively, a more subtle detail still maintains the quality perspective leaving your beautiful new in-frame kitchen to do all the talking.

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