English Revival - Handcrafted Kitchen

Remember the days when a toy was very much more than that.

It wasn’t just a toy, it was a labour of love, expressed through the maker’s exceptional use of quality materials and his exquisite attention to detail.

Handcrafted, hand painted and handed down from generation to generation to become a much loved and treasured family heirloom.

Sadly the art of traditional craftsmanship is not found in many toy shops today, but you will find some fine examples here.

English Revival kitchens are built using high quality materials and, like the traditional toy maker, their craftsman spent an enormous amount of time on perfecting each individual piece resulting in a fine quality finished kitchen.

With designs inspired from distinguished periods in English history, each kitchen is built to stand the test of time and each one holds testament to traditional carpentry skills.

This collection is called English Revival… reviving the traditional skills of exceptional craftsman for the way we live today.

Call me a traditionalist
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