Cucina Colore - Speciality Kitchen
A coffee is just a coffee, right?

Well for me, there’s the ‘run of the mill’ coffees and then there’s that ‘special’ coffee. The one that tugs and plays with all your senses.
The coffee you fall in love with. An instant coffee is just that, instantly made and instantly forgotten.

But a speciality coffee? Well that’s just it, isn’t it? It’s just that little bit exclusive because it’s just that little bit special.
It’s a coffee that rises above the mundane and fulfils all your expectations. In short, it’s what a good coffee should be.
Now, what has this to do with kitchens?

Try replacing the word coffee in the above with the word kitchen and maybe you’ll see where I’m coming from!
There are kitchens and then there are Cucina Colore kitchens.

Cucina Colore is inspired by cosmopolitan culture and embraces the very finest in contemporary living. Whether my taste is for a bold statement look or a soft natural scheme, Cucina Colore gives me the ultimate in design flexibility through a range of interchangeable cabinet finishes, door colours and handles, all designed to work in complete harmony to help me create my own unique designer kitchen.

But I like the Mereway of doing things
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