Creating Understated Luxury in Your Kitchen

March 2022

Understated luxury is something we all aim to achieve with our kitchen space, showcasing the finest finishes and features within our home, without going over the top and eluding showing off the investment we have made. At a premium level, undeniable luxury will uphold its position amongst all elements, without the need for screaming about it or making a deliberate attempt to make it clear your kitchen is a thing of beauty. The fine line in expressing quality and adding features for the sake of display is very close, which is why creating understated luxury in your kitchen is about the attention to detail at every stage of your design.


Hand-Crafted Bespoke Cabinetry

A subtle and incredibly effective way at achieving understated luxury is to look beyond the door and into the areas not always first observed. Investing in a kitchen manufacturer that understands and appreciates the necessity of a quality kitchen cabinet is a great place to start. The handcrafted, bespoke cabinetry they can offer will allow you to be versatile and unrestricted with what you want to achieve, from the inside out. Trusting that they will take every care in creating a cabinet built to last a lifetime in your home, ensures your kitchen will have a sturdy and reliable base to build the beauty. Stronger cabinets will allow thicker worktops and enhanced storage options that allow you to get the most out of your space, crafted using traditional methods such as glue and dowelled construction that have been tried and trusted for years.


Marble and Granite Worktops

Following a notable mention of worktops, a truly beautiful and iconic way of adding what everyone perceives as a sign of luxury is selecting worktops made of marble or granite. The use of stone in your kitchen is a further sign of strength and attention to detail. The deep, free-flowing veins created by the natural elements of this material uncover an untouched, unfiltered expression of appreciation for the raw material used to create our kitchen worktop. The feel and weight of such materials are undeniably understated by not having to address this addition to your kitchen, instead having a voice of its own in your design. The strength and robustness of a marble or granite worktop is a core reason for selecting this material, the design and expressive nature of stone is where you allow your creative personality to run free within your kitchen area, with a design that connects with you, easily readable upon first impressions.


Large Socialising Islands

When considering how your personality and lifestyle connects with your kitchen space, it’s often a key point to first access the core responsibility and role of your kitchen, in most cases, socialising and cooking centre the discussion. Both of these uses are common, however, when aiming to create an understated point in displaying luxury, a large kitchen island must be considered at this stage. Perfectly positioned within your kitchen to take centre stage and direct the flow of your space, it needs to be accounted for and optimised for how it will be used. A kitchen island with the veined granite worktop displays a character of design and a centrepiece, whereas a multifunctional island creates an opportunity for welcoming socialising. Adding designer bar stools invites guests to join you around the island in which you may be preparing food, then an attached seating area with a table, creates a social space that keeps the conversation in the heart of the room. Either way, adding a kitchen island is an understated feature that showcases luxury without saying a word.


Mantles Above Cooking Spaces

When it comes to grandeur features, including a mantle above your cooking location is a way to draw attention to the detail in your design and cabinetry choice. An iconic statement piece in any traditional kitchen is an eye-catching mantle. Showcasing opulence in kitchen space and a wonderful way for effective presentation, proving a feature ever popular with our In-Frame collections. Ranging from large to small, depending on how understated you want to remain, as long as it’s in proportion it’s definitely not a feature you want to put out of mind, especially in an in-frame traditional shaker kitchen. Adding storage elements within the pantry adds even more purpose to this feature, aiding the cooking experience at every touchpoint.


Stylish Pantries

Perfectly suited to a traditionally styled kitchen, adding a pantry to your design creates a dedicated storage space right in your kitchen without sacrificing the look of your existing cabinets. Whether your use is functional, or design-driven, both methods achieve the understated luxury we set out for. By utilising this notable storage feature, it highlights the abundance of space within the room to allow you this piece. Well stocking your pantry displays a prosperous home and provides a go-to for cooking enthusiasts within the family. Often bespoke at best, organising the perfect pantry within your kitchen is a way of expressing your intention with this storage solution and adding a touch of your character. If design-driven is the purpose of a kitchen pantry in your home, cabinet lighting helps to accentuate the space within the unit and synergy amongst the items inside can create a stylish finish, especially with the use of herbs and spices. Circling back to add a premium touch, it refuses to disrupt the style and consistency of your design, yet when opened allows a new experience to be achieved within the same space.


By initiating your design with a few of these features, you’ll be set to achieve the high-end luxury appeal within your kitchen space, without making it a conscious effort. There is many ways in which these features can be used and in different kitchen environments to achieve a varied look. If you know the sort of style kitchen you want and are aware of the space you have to be experimental with, our projects showcase what can be achieved within our kitchen furniture. Request free brochures to start idolising how these understated features can be worked into your kitchen design and gain inspiration.

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